Who organizes the Pedal for Your Cause?
The ride is organized by Assisted Cycling Tours. ACT is a nonprofit Colorado corporation organized solely for charitable purposes. ACT is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization (IRS EIN 26-0798476) and is registered as a charity with the Colorado Secretary of State.
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What is the mission of Pedal for Your Cause?
  1. To raise funds to be distributed to Assisted Cycling Tours which serves individuals with disabilities and their families;
  2. To raise awareness about people with disabilities in the community, and;
  3. To provide an opportunity for individuals with disabilities and their families to engage in recreation and socialization
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Who works at Pedal for Your Cause?
PFYC has no paid employees. All the work is done on a volunteer basis by parents, professionals, and community members. Some functions are outsourced, and where possible, work is contracted out to organizations that hire individuals with disabilities.
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Who manages Pedal for Your Cause?
PFYC is governed by the current board of Assisted Cycling Tours that consists of volunteers who receive no compensation for their services.
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What happens to money from the ride?
100% of the proceeds from the ride are donated to Assisted Cycling Tours.
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How does ACT use the money from the ride?
Funds donated from the Pedal for Your Cause support Assisted Cycling Tours' efforts to provide bike programs to people with disabilities and their families. Information about ACT's programs and services can be found by goind to their website at www.assistedcyclingtours.org.
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What time does the Pedal for Your Cause start?

On Saturday, the beginning day of the ride, the starting time is at 9:00. Each morning, after we will have breakfast as a group at 7:30 am and then riders can start from there:

Saturday Start 9:00am
Breakfast (Sun-Tue) 7:30am
Sun-Thu Start 9:00am
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Do I have to start with everyone else?
No you do not, you can start when ever you would like but please keep in mind the route and distance so you can plan appropriately.
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What if I can't finish?
No problem. If you can make to a near by rest stop you can have one of our volunteers call our SAG support to bring you to the end point for the day. You can also call the SAG # on your cue sheets and they will schedule to pick you up.
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How far do the riders bike?
The total course is approximately 260 miles over 4 days. The shortest route is 60 miles in one day.
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Are the roads open to traffic?
Yes. The Pedal for Your Cause takes place on roads open to traffic. While every effort has been made to select a route using less heavily trafficked roads, all riders should be aware of traffic and obstacles along the road and be in constant communication with their fellow riders. Rules of the Road do apply.
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What type of support do the riders receive on the ride?
We are happy to provide SAG ("Support and Gear") service to all registered riders who experience mechanical or other problems, such as being lost or unable to complete the ride due to a physical problem. If you need assistance, please call one of the cell numbers provided on your cue sheet. Please remember to provide your name, the nature of the problem, your location and your cell phone number. In the event of an emergency, dial 911.
  • Please be patient. While we try to handle calls in the order in which they are received, sometimes we must engage in triage. Riders with medical issues take precedence over riders with mechanical issues or riders who are lost. Depending on call volume, you may encounter a significant wait time.
  • Please be courteous. If you called for SAG service but managed to resolve your problem before it arrives, please call us to cancel. Again, provide your name, location, and your cell phone number.
  • Please use SAG service responsibly. If you are unable to complete the ride due to a mechanical or physical problem, the SAG vehicle will transport you and your bike to the next rest stop or destination.
  • Please carry some cash with you to cover the cost of parts. Our SAG vehicles are staffed by volunteers who may be able to assist with minor mechanical problems, such as flat tires. In order to keep our participant fees low, we ask that you be responsible for the cost of parts, such as tubes or tires. Major bike work will require SAG to the next stop (where a bike shop is available) and then paying for your repairs.
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Are there rest stops along the routes?
Yes the rest areas will be spaced approximately 20 miles apart and are stocked with snacks like fruit, nutritional bars, etc. as well as water and Gatorade. If you need to use facilities, we ask that you stop at one of the many service stations along the route.
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Can I wear my ipod or bluetooth while I ride?
No, for your safety and the safety of your fellow participants we ask that you do not wear any personal electronic devices. We do recommend you carry your cell phone with you in case of emergency or if you become in need of SAG support. If you must use your cell phone we ask that you stop safely on the side of the road to do so.
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How will I know where the routes go?
Maps are on the website. You will also be given maps and a cue sheet at the beginning of the ride.
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What is the terrain like?
Days 1 and 3 are mostly flat to rolling hills (It is Colorado!). Days 2 and 4 go over at least 1 mountain pass.
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What is the fundraising requirement?
The minimum fundraising amount is $2,500. At $2,500 in fundraising you receive a FREE ACT bike jersey. At $5,000, you and a guest will be invited to join us for a special "thank you" dinner to take place later in the fall.
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Is the ride rain or shine?
Yes. The Pedal for Your Cause will take place rain or shine. However, ride organizers will be "on the ground" evaluating conditions as they arise. Any decision to cancel a leg of the ride will be made at their discretion with the safety of the riders foremost. Riders must respect this decision. All riders should bring appropriate gear for all conditions.
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Will I be able to purchase a Pedal for Your Cause jersey prior to the ride?
Yes you can purchase a jersey when you register to be picked up at on-site registration at the event, or mailed to you.
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